We're INflow. We hire smart people who see it different.

INflow Federal was founded in 2013. The “INflow difference” begins with a simple belief encompassing the importance of employee culture. We are obsessed with our people and have demonstrated year-over-year that our employee-focused approach leads to customer success.

As a leading small business innovator, we offer proven expertise in Network Modernization, Cybersecurity, Digital Modernization and Joint Force Mission Operations. We serve our federal government customers in over 20 states domestically to include the United States Navy (USN), United States Marine Corps (USMC), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and Joint Forces.

At INflow, US Military Veterans have continuously paved the path ahead for our customers. We developed a homegrown “Veteran Outreach Program” focused around attracting and hiring transitioning military personnel and has resulted in veterans representing over 50% of our company.

Simplifying the customer experience requires everyone within our organization to work together. Our leadership communicates transparently with our team on a regular basis with a commitment to do the right thing for all those we serve. Our customers recognize doing business with INflow means working with people who consistently deliver with agility, passion and integrity.

This is how INflow continues to evolve, grow and accompany our customers into the future of mission systems and operations.

With INflow Labs, we are looking to take our expertise and apply it to the next generation of warfighter technology. Established in 2023, we plan to conduct research and small-scale prototypes in computational physics, machine learning (to include object detection, image processing, natural language processing, automated identity and credentialing, and more) as well as software-defined networking.

Learn more about us here and keep track of our public projects on GitHub. Contributions to our open-source projects are always welcome!