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We are Software Engineers

We're a small group of great minds working to drive the adoption of open-source, commercial best practices, and modernization in the United States Department of Defense.

Launched by INflow Federal in 2023, we are committed to competing and growing our presence as an innovator in the areas of software, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Building an AI-Powered Study Chatbot

Using Large Language Model (LLM) APIs and the best of breed frontend software tools and technologies to create a AI-Powered Human-Centered Design to help our employees study for certifications.

Topic Modeling on Large PDF/DOCX Documents

Utilizing a TFIDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency) algorithm and LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) Model to identify solicitations that align well with our corporate capabilities.

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Areas of Expertise

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    Software Engineering
    Distributed Systems, Web Development, Big Data Processing, UX/UI
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    DevSecOps/MLOps & Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing, Containerization, CI/CD, Orchestration, IaC, Model Drift
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    Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
    Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Regression
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    Anomaly Detection, Network Security
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